Remember passwords in microsoft edge

Do you’ve got multiple accounts on varied net services? or are you a person who always forgets passwords? If the answer is big, yes! Then we have helped you. If you use the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 to explore the web, you can easily activate that are remember passwords in Microsoft Edge feature.

Microsoft Edge is the latest browser and many things introduced by Microsoft to Windows 10 OS users.

remember passwords in microsoft edge

The Edge browser works very well and has a very lightweight framework around it. This results in less memory consumption that does not occur in other Internet browsers such as Chrome. Yes, it’s true that Edge browsers don’t come with addon or extension support like in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

When you visit any webpage or website that requires you to enter with your Username & Password, this feature is useful. Every time you first enter a website, say Facebook, the Edge browser will ask you “Do you want to save your password for Facebook”.

If you choose to save your password for Facebook, every time you visit the same website again you don’t need to enter your Username or Password. Edge browser will automatically fill in the fields for you.

If the Microsoft Edge browser doesn’t ask you to save your password when you sign in, you might turn off the “Offer to save password” feature in the settings.

Let’s learn how you can activate this feature to remember passwords on Microsoft Edge.

Remember Passwords In Microsoft Edge

When you visit a website that requires you to enter. The Microsoft Edge browser will ask if you want your username and password to be remembered.

When you visit the same site again. Microsoft Edge can end filling in your account data. Password savings is ON by default, but this is a way to enable or disable it:

  • In the Microsoft Edge browser, select three points (…) located at the top right of the browser.
  • Then go to Settings >> See advanced settings.
  • In See advanced settings, Under privacy and service, you will see the option “Offer to save passwords” enable it if you want to remember the password on Microsoft Edge.
  • Or Deactivate if you don’t want to remember the password in the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Edge also offers to manage your password by clicking “Manage my saved passwords” located right under “Offers to save passwords”.

Clear Passwords In Microsoft Edge

If you want to delete the password history in the Microsoft edge browser, you can do it like this:

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Select three points (…) at the top right of the browser.
  • Open Settings >> select “Choose what to delete” under “Clear search data” then select a password.

In this way, you can delete search data from Microsoft Edge and delete the password on Microsoft Edge.

How To View Saved Passwords In Microsoft Edge Windows 10

To view passwords on Microsoft Edge Windows 10, follow the instructions below:

  • First, “Control Panel” on your PC.
  • Click on “User Account”.
  • Click on “Credential Manager” and then Select “Web Credential Tab”.
  • Second, under web credentials, you will see the website URL where you saved your password, Click on the small arrow right next to the URL to open the URL and password for that website.
  • Third, to see your password stored on the edge of Microsoft, just click on the “Show” link right next to Password.
  • Fourth, when you click the “Show” link, Windows will ask you to verify your ownership with a PC. Enter your Windows password and click OK. This is needed to limit unauthorized users from seeing passwords stored on your PC.
  • After doing all the steps above, you will be able to see the password stored on the edge of Microsoft with its website.

In Conclusion

This is how you enable feature the remember passwords in Microsoft Edge. Indeed it is a remarkable feature of Windows 10 that we must use.

We all have several accounts, some with email and some with social media. This amazing feature will save you a lot of time just in case we hate entering your username and password again.

I hope this guide on how to remember passwords in the Microsoft Edge browser will make it more efficient for you to enter any online account. Please share with your friends. If there are doubts, please comment below for further assistance.

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