How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10: Relating to working on systems, we have to be sure that the screen resolution of the system is perfect. It’s a screen decision setting that finally facilitates the higher display of pictures and text in your screen. Often, we don’t want to change the screen resolution settings because Windows by default set the best resolution possible. However generally you should install the display drivers for better display settings. It’s all about your preferences and at times while you need to play a game or install some software that requires changes in screen resolution, you must have the information about changing the screen resolution. On this post, we’ll discuss the complete guide of adjusting your display setting which incorporates screen resolution, color calibration, display adapter, text size, and etc.How to change screen resolution in windows 10

Why is Screen Resolution Important?

While you set a better resolution, the pictures and text on screen look sharper and suits the screen. However, when you set a decrease resolution, the mage and text look bigger on the screen. Did you understand what we try to say right here?

The importance of screen resolution depends on your requirement. If you’d like your text and pictures appear bigger on the screen, you must decrease the resolution of your system, and vice versa.

2 Ways to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10

Note: Make certain to create a restore point just in case something goes incorrect.

Method 1 – Right Click on And Select Display Setting

Earlier we used to find screen resolution choice however now it’s renamed with “Display Setting”. Display resolution settings are pinned below the display setting.

Step 1– Go to your Desktop then right-Click on and select Display Settings from the choices.Choose display settings

Step 2 – By clicking on this selection, you will note a display setting panel where you may make changes in Text size and brightness of the screen. By scrolling down you’ll get the choice of “Resolution”.Change screen resolution in windows 10

Step 3 – Right here you may make the changes as per your requirement. However, you should understand that the decrease the resolution, the bigger the content might be displayed on the screen. You’ll get the choice to choose the one that fits your requirement.Choose screen resolution

Step 4 – You’ll get a confirmation message field in your screen asking you to save the present changes in resolution to revert again. If you wish to go ahead with the adjustments in screen resolutions, you possibly can click on on “Keep Changes” choice.

How to change Color Calibration in your system

If you wish to make some changes within the color calibration setting, you may make it as per your preferences. However, it’s strongly recommended that by default Windows units everything perfect for you. However, you’ve got the control to adjust all these settings as per your preferences.

Step 1 – Type Calibrate Display Color in Windows search bar.Type Calibrate Display Color

Step 2 – Choose the Choice and follow the instructions to make the changes as per your preferences.Follow this instructions

Method 2 – Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10 utilizing Graphics Card Control Panel

When you have installed a graphics driver in your system, you may go for another choice to alter the resolution of your screen.

Step 1– Right-click on the Desktop and choose “Graphics Properties” when you have installed Intel Graphics or else click on on NVIDIA Control Panel.Choose Intel Graphics Settings

Step 2 – If you’re in Intel Graphics, it should launch a panel where you can see full details about the screen resolutions and different settings you could change as per your necessities.Intel HD Graphics Settings

Above mentioned two methods will help you to change the screen resolutions of your PC. Nonetheless, it’s highly recommended that you don’t make changes in display screen resolutions regularly till you should do. Windows by default provide the best choice for utilization so you have to keep that recommended settings instead of making changes. In case you might be tech-savvy and have information about what you might be doing and how it will impact your system performance, you may follow the steps and make the changes in display screen resolution to get the settings optimized in your specific purpose. Hopefully, you’ll now be capable of make the display screen resolution settings change as per your preferences.

I hope the above steps were helpful and now you may simply Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10, however when you still have any questions regarding this tutorial then be happy to ask them in the comment’s section.

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