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Multi-monitor settings are the best way to increase productivity and explore more information at once. Many of us use two or more monitors at home or work to get everything done quickly. To take advantage of multi-monitor settings, you must configure settings with the help of third-party software such as Display Fusion.Display Fusion Windows 10

Display Fusion for Windows 10

If you have used multi-monitor settings before, you may have heard of Display Fusion software. As you know, this is brilliant software with a number of features and options to make maximum use of settings.

The latest version of Display Fusion also supports Windows 10. So, if you use Windows 10 in a multi-monitor environment you can now install the Fusion Display without compatibility issues.

Key Feature Display Fusion

  • The title bar button to quickly move to the secondary view.
  • Hotkeys to launch features.
  • Configure monitor resolution, refresh speed, and orientation.
  • Easily move windows between monitors.
  • Supports more than 40 languages.
  • Image range on the monitor.
  • Use solid colors, not images.
  • Shortcut keys for moving, measuring, and stretching windows.
  • Shortcut keys to adjust window transparency.
  • Customize the style of the title bar button.
  • Activate or deactivate the monitor.
  • Change your main monitor.
  • Backup and restore settings.

Unfortunately, the free version does not allow you to add the task bar to each monitor. But that doesn’t matter because Windows 10 naturally supports the multi-monitor taskbar. If you are going to use Display Fusion for free on XP, Vista or Windows 7, we recommend the Multi Monitor Taskbar software to add the taskbar to each monitor.

The current version also includes some practical adjustments for Windows 10. For example, there are adjustments to hide the lock screen.

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Paid Fusion Display versions are also available with a number of additional features. Features such as monitor profiles, customizable hotkeys, multi-monitor taskbar, and multi-monitor screen savers are only available in the paid version. In other words, important features are missing from the free version. Visit the download page to compare the free and paid versions.

Display Fusion supports x86 and x64 versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, and the latest Windows 10 operating system.


That was the explanation article about Display Fusion Windows 10. If there are questions about Display Fusion, please write in the comments column.

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